Losing My Religion

This is probably one of the hardest posts for me to write because my relationship with God has always been a personal one. I have never found the need or desire to push my faith into the face of others and I don’t plan to start now. I would, however, like to defend myself. It is getting increasingly difficult to feel welcome in a community that has become increasingly hostile to people who are Christians.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I totally get that the anger is actually directed toward those pseudo Christians. People who claim to be Christians but are actually hate mongers who use the bible as a tool of war, hatred and bigotry. The people who have co-opted an organized religion and shaped into something dirty and disgusting with fund raising capabilities that are tax deductible. Our Government has given these people a license to discriminate and they use it. They use it against each and every one of us in the LGBT community and call themselves righteous. They have packaged it and marketed it and sent it off sailing on the right wing. Yes, I get it.

Somewhere between all of this are the people who are Christian who are suffering the collateral damage that these pseudo Christians have caused. It is very hurtful when I hear people that I know and love in our community talk about how terrible and hateful the Christians are. I don’t want to hide who I am or be shamed. I’ve had enough of that in my life already.

It’s bad enough that I have lost my religion to these right wing zealots, I don’t want to lose my community too. We need to be mindful of the language we use when describing those who oppress us.

One more thing, if I haven’t said this yet, thank you for being in my life.

(Karen…have you seen my testosterone, I think I need a shot)!


3 Responses to “Losing My Religion”

  1. jadzia9 Says:

    My sentiments exactly. I refuse to embrace who I am, the woman I am inside, while being pressed to abandon this personal feeling I call a relationship with God. It’s enough to be mocked and abandoned by many of my Christian “friends” because I’m out and different. It’s a shame to feel abandoned by this new community where I thought we could TRULY embrace diversity.

  2. Ethan St.Pierre Says:

    Maybe we need to do more education. (sarcasm).

  3. heathercam Says:

    I empathize with your situation. While I won’t get into my own spiritual views, I have always tried to be respectful of others spiritual beliefs and their own search for and relationship with … that which is bigger than us and of which we are a part. (I could simply say “God” but I really want to keep it broad enough to include everyone who may use different words to ask the same big question).
    When I see what is being done in the name of “Christianity”, I can only imagine that Jesus would be appalled. I imagine the same pretty much goes for most other faiths. The zealots betray & subvert that which they claim to espouse. I’m disappointed that so many in the community are falling into the same trap of using labels to brand & judge people, instead of taking the time and doing the work of getting to know the individual before taking measure of their character. I guess we’re all susceptible to hypocrisy, which is why we have to be extra alert to it.
    Don’t give up on either community. Like any group, it’s made up of imperfect folks. Please don’t write off the well intentioned & sincere – if slightly misguided… because without you to help them find their empathy and compassion, they will be left with no role models but the the callous bigots.

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