The Radical Trannies Interviews

Gunner Scott - Executive Director of the Massachusetts Transgender Political CoalitionGunner Scott – Executive Director of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition

playDenise Leclair – Executive Director of the International Foundation for Gender Education. (IFGE) Ifge is the oldest and largest national transgender organization, promoting acceptance for transgender people through education.

playDana Zircher is an influential software design engineer in the Microsoft Office product division. She is also an active participant in the local transgender community as well as a Director on the Gay & Lesbian Employees at Microsoft Board. Dana started her career in software development after abandoning her EE background to pursue a job at Iris Associates working on the core infrastructure of a new product called “Lotus Notes”. Lotus Notes would reach an install base of over 100 million users before she left Iris to join Notes’ founder Ray Ozzie in his stealth startup organization “Groove Networks, Inc.” She transitioned from male to female on the job in early 2003 while holding the distinguished title of Consulting Software Architect. In 2005, Groove Networks was acquired by Microsoft to integrate the company’s advances in secure peer to peer collaborative technology into its MS Office software suite. Meanwhile Ray Ozzie was appointed to replace Bill Gates as the company’s Chief Software Architect.

In her she spare time, Dana produces musical projects in her one stop, 48 track digital production facility.

Dana, now a post-op transsexual woman has had quite an interesting journey in the search for her solace and will be joining us live tonight to discuss some of her experiences.


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